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In past couple of weeks I have come across some videos which has left me speechless.

I am thoroughly disgusted with a video i saw on PETA website; about the fur trade in China and dogs being skinned alive for their fur! It was so cruel.

Then there was a video of baby harp seals being bashed to death for their fur.

Its a shame. Why do human beings human beings need fur???  Haven't they heard about Faux Fur??? Next time I see someone bragging about a new Mink coat, I am seriously going to sock that person!

bluedolphin bluedolphin 31-35, F 4 Responses Apr 21, 2008

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There is a petition because a woman (bi0tch) burned a puppy, AFTER STABBING IT to death with a pitch fork. I signed the petition in hopes she get the very severe maximum that they can give her, family members signed as well even though they usually don't get involved in such matters. They are now becoming volunteers and have been signing other petitions as well.

Rongav: You are a punk!!!!!!!!!!!!! please die today......

Due to "legal" concerns I can not say What I will do if I catch ANYONE on this planet doing these things to an animal. ANYONE!!!!!!!!1 I knew better than to read that. My depression just hit a super all time low.. Let me catch ANYONE on this planet being cruel to an animal...ANYONE!!!!!! Chineese folks would be better people ground into dog food

Often PETA has dug up the most horrible of footage (many from decades ago) and has even staged atrocious torture of animals just to promote their agenda. Modern fur farmers are very responsible for the care of their livestock (why would they want to harm their investment?) Plus the American Veterinary Society oversees the humane produres of these farms. Minks for instance are responsible for consuming tons of animal by-products that would otherwise by left to be disposed somewhere, And the manure from the minks provides tons of organic fertilizer for farming.<br />
<br />
Faux fur is a petroleum product, so not really eco-friendly. And if you've ever compared faux to real fur in a frigid windy climate, you would appreciate how real fur's leather keeps out the wind and provides wamth in a lightweight garment. The fabric backing to a faux fur does not compare. <br />
<br />
That said --here is another opportunity for people to choose. If one prefers not to wear fur, that's great. I just get annoyed when those who oppose wearing fur employ physical means to prevent the rest from making their personal choice. <br />
<br />
All I know if I happen to meet you some day with my wife wearing her mink coat -- I'll be sure to duck! ;)<br />
<br />
Be well.