Plz Help Me

There is a guy on here Toddyallen33 who started a group called I Kill Cats. he brags about traping and killing cats.
EP Link#comment_6895211

I know we cant to anything in real life but we can get him thrown of ep.
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We could just report and flag him-

D: WAT!?!

I think the best thing we can do is allow him to sit out in the dark and speak to no one, if everyone would simply not listen to such trash, then such trash would simply go away, out the boredom it caused to speak of such things. Leave him in all the dark places of his mind.

I was just reading on another story thread that you can flag the story and it it's not removed you can email EP. The person said it might take a few times but, that they do remove offensive stuff.

People re just so rotten in this world, they enjoy sick things! How could you kill an innocent animal? One day soon I'm gonna start my own group to save animals, staring in china where those sick bastards don't only eat cats and dos but they slowly torture them and laugh while doing it! I've seen videos of it and i cried of anger. They should be doing that to those vile creatures. Animals are more pure than a human will ever be. We destroy, destroy, destroy and destroy some more. I wish it was in power to prevent every single animal in the world from being tortured or killed. People like that are sick in my opinion deserve the same fate as those poor animals.

I totally agree with everything you have said, but then, I am transsexual, and many good Christian people think people like me are going to burn in hell, do you know who many "good Christians" there are in the world? Not to mention the God they think thinks this way of people like me? I think, for the most part we need to "turn the other cheek" so to speak. And I'm not going to get into all of this much more, this like most other things could turn into a sermon from some mount or another and all too many do not listen with a truly open heart. Final word, if there is one, be happy and try to make others at least as happy as you.

people like him wind up in two places, either jail or dead.

looks to me like the group is already gone. Me personally, I can't get behind any type of censorship. Even if I think the person is scum they have the right to their opinion.

I agree, censorship is a bad thing, at the same time I practice it for myself, if someone told me the KKK had a thread on here, I would not visit thread out of the fear of giving them one more tick on their meter of visits. I would however join a thread of those trying to let it be known it's wrong in every way.

Yeah that's awful i couldn't believe this so had to check it out! What a sick individual, its not right on every level.