I have always had animals in my home, and all of them are rescued. The reason I rescue them, is I see so many dying on tv and I want to help those that I can. I don't know how anyone could treat a living being like that without having any type of remorse. I am currently writing a sociology paper on this subject, and the more I research, the more angry I become. I believe there should be more laws and action taken against those who are cruel to animals.

As a continuation of this note.....I successully completed the study finding that in 89% of abusive households, the women and children are threatened with the abuse of the animal or are compelled to remain in the relationship out of fear for the animal(s)' safety. 95 % of children abused have lost a pet or have seen an animal  beaten within their lifetime. These children grow up with the ideology that it is common for animals and children to be beaten, this is sad but true. The cycle of abuse can stop there but sadly does not always. Whoever says that animal abuse and domestic violence are not connected should have a closer look at the relationship between the two. If anyone would like to know more, feel free to comment and I will try to write some more on the topic.

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Wow. This is shocking. I "live in Dublin" too (that's how I found this story) and hope that your findings were released to the varous media. I'm thinking that many media outlets would love to interview you to find out more. (I realise I'm assuming you did your research in Ireland; if it was elsewhere then it's not so 'news' worthy for Irish media). <br />
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The more attention this gets, the more people who grew up or are growing up in such abusive households will realise that it is NOT normal to beat up animals. <br />
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Think of radio in particular... Gerry Ryan type listener-call-in shows. You get on the radio, you're doing everyone and lots of animals a big favour.

Hey - how 'bout we get a petition going. A national one so everyone can sign it - like those on here who love animals. I've rescued about 22. I have 3 male cats and at times I want to give them away because of all the mess but I acquiesce every time they snuggle up to me and every time they "try" to protect me me from some unseen danger ;).

I agree, there should be more laws than there are right now. And the penelties should be more severe.