I Hate Animal Cruelty!

My neighbors where divorcing. The husband left and the wife stayed. Max, (i call him Max a million.) is a pit bull,sheep dog. Just as sweet as can be. He spent all his time in my driveway and we became good friends. He never wanted to go home and I was starting to realize that the husband was abusing him. I couldn't prove it but max's mistaminure said everything. When the couple separated, the wife tied him up to a tree in the back yard. I asked the husband if my girlfriend could have Max. He talked to his wife and said that she could have him. I called her and she and I went and got Max. We found him tangled in a rope to where he could' nt move, (during the summer months) with a bowl that was turned up side down and just out of his reach. He was very,very happy to see me and I him. I untied him the very tight rope from around his throat, and my girlfriend took him home. A week went by and my girlfriend went to my neighbors house to thank them for such a sweet, wonderful dog. My neighbor did'nt evern know he was gone!!!!!!
msnawtygirl msnawtygirl
May 11, 2012