I Hate Cruelty To Animals

when I was little it broke me when a kitten drown on the farm in tank of water... my dad tried to save it but it died... he broke 3 ribs trying to save it

I was silly as a child once I bought a kitten in the dryer and turned it on for a second and my mum found me in time and stopped the whole thing.

I didn't know what would happen but the cat was not hurt  ... I was a child and I don't even know what I was thinking.  
its something I would never advice anyone to do.

I love cats a lot and I use to play with my cats ... they got away with all kinds of things... one cat chewed speakers within a week of us getting it.

I felt guilty that I might have accidentally  killed my cat ... he was run over twice and had surgery and the second time he was cripple in the back legs til he died. 

I used to have to wash him when he did wee or poo and one day I went to wash him and the hose had been in the sun the water came through hot

and without thinking the hot water gave him a bout of cystitis that ended up killing him... I wish I had known but his life was always going to be short

it was so unfair ... he was such a lovely cat.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

i understand the bond between animals and humans. if you love them you want the best for them. train them to be wild again.<br />
how would you feel if you were in their place?<br />
de-sexed and bound to live indoor other than being free in the wild were you belong?<br />
i am against domestication because it makes animals incapable of living in the wild.<br />
this is all wrong. euthanasia in animals is killing because there's no place to keep them

if you love animals don't adopt them, free them. it's their right to be free

I love my pets I could not let them be free now they are my babies... I don't believe in domesticated animals being made to be feral.. I think feral populations should be reduced. sorry on that account I can't agree with you. if they aren't adopted they are euthanised or some places do wait for them to be sold ... but pushing them out into the wild is wrong I seen about 30 dead cats on the side of the road where I got my cat from a shelter ... where do you think they come from? the shelter is likely to free them to die worse death than euthanasia. I am against euthanasia of healthy animals however. the real issue is responsible breeding. and not letting them free. that is why all my pets are de-sexed and indoors.