Need Help With Rescue Of Baby Racoons.

There are 2 baby raccoons on a lower roof that fell from the another above.

The police came and called the county animal control. They said they could not come because they were on a roof and I needed to call a private company to rescue them.

I called a private company and he said he need the landlords phone number. I don't have it but the tenant below me does. He will not give me the number. I called the police who came and said they cannot force him to give me the number.

So now I can't get anyone to rescue the raccoons.

I'm in Somerville, NJ.
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5 Responses Jun 17, 2012

Any news yet? Hope they were able to save them!

And, could you save them?

keep us the mother not around?...i would probably grab a thick pair of gloves and try myself...

I hope you get succeeded. i hate it when no one care about the life of another beeing

I was able to find out where the landlord lives and dropped him a note. I'll see what happens.