Too Many People Think Its Ok

I am so into animals that i took and animal management course to give me more understanding and depth into their world and some of the stories we came across were awful from battery farm chickens to animals that weren't being fed at all and looked terrible ... there was this one story that affected me and disgusted ma about humans which was one saying someone had skinned dogs to make their fur into things which i think i absolutely disgusting..

I know of some people who treat their animals really badly and hit them if they have done something wrong, not just hit them batter the crap out of them and i don't believe in violence of anything ... you don't hit people, you don't hit or hurt animals .... thats the way it should be ...
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3 Responses Jun 24, 2012

I had wanted to take an animal management course too. Where are you studying..?

I hear you completely! I really worry about all this cruel stuff going on in the world with animals. <br />
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Can you believe there are serious spectators? I mean, think about the bullfighting for instance. there is an audience!

Completely agree, it upsets me so much to hear these stories. Humans can be so cruel. That's why I'm aiming to become an RSPCA inspector :)