I Loathe Sharon Mcdonough

I absolutely hate Sharon McDonough. For those of you who don't know, she's the c***t from Selden, New York who tortured to death over 40 dogs & cats and made her kids help. I hope she suffers from it. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior. I read the internet posting about how she lost her husband, oh too bad, so sad, but that does not excuse what you did. She's broke, has too many kids.... okay, try self-control if birth control doesn't do it for you *****. I haven't heard anything about her recently, I hope she is suffering from a slow, agonizingly PAINFUL illness. I want her to hurt for a LONG time.
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I couldn't agree more!!

Hell is not a place she will go, it s a place she resides. I hate who she is and what she has done but now we can only pray that her little ones are given a better life and that they are not already influenced to enjoy the feeling of Hell or of being the victim so they will never act as their mama has acted, no? What will a US court do to her? Will the court remove her children or place her in a jail?

From what I read on the internet, the court removed her kids permanently. She did not do any more jail time because apparently New York state's penalties are not stiff enough. The judge even regretted that he could not throw the book at her like she so richly deserved.

I will pray for her children and for their forgiveness of her. The pets and the children are my only concerns. The woman is lost in hate and clinical pity. She is pathetic and only a deity will find value in her. Not I.

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