Florida Huskies

I lived in these apartment complex when I was younger and I fell in love with my neighbors dogs. She had five beautiful huskies all young (about four months and up) and for sale. My favorite was one named Bolt. He would get out of the yard and run to my apartment all the time. My neighbor took really good care of them. She walked all five daily (with my help :D) and kept them groomed so they wouldn't over heat in the Florida sun. I left town for a few weeks one summer and when I cam back I noticed huge yard was over grown, Bolt was chained to a tree, and the dog's hair was matted and long. I went to the front door but no one was home. I latter found out that the owner had passed away (She was an elderly lady in her 80's) and her son just left those poor dogs there!! I called animal control several times to see if they could do any thing and they said they couldn't (for some reason like the son was still taking care of them or some B.S). my mom told me not to bother any one about it any more, so I was stuck. I checked on them every day and gave them food and tons of water. Sadly I had to go away again that summer to see my dad and when I came back Bolt didn't make it. I then called Animal Control again and they took the other four dogs. Hopefully they have good homes now they were really sweet.
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Jul 13, 2012