So Everyone Here's A Vegetarian?

Or is animal loving only reserved for cute animals like dogs? Or cats? Then what make you so different from a 'shallow human'? Even if you are vegetarian, don't your pets eat meat? Like the dog food pellets and the cat food cans? What do you think makes them better than us?
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Don't speak for others, I qoute 'Animals deserve the same rights as humans!' 'I'd like to kill those humans who kicked a dog'

Yes but if animals have the same rights as Humans: wouldn't you find it just a little cruel if your neighbor sells a kid to someone to be eaten even if the kid was treated well?

We're not advocating animals having the same rights as humans; we're just trying to keep them from being mistreated.

I don't think everyone is a vegetarian. But I agree with the comments below. I believe that free roaming animals that are killed for food is much better than having hundreds of animals in one tiny barn not able to move for as long as they live, covered in feces and urine, injected with who knows what and even forced to eat meat when they are not carnivores. I am a pescetarian by the way. Was vegetarian for a few years but seafood was just too good. <br />
Also dogs should obviously eat meat, even in pebble form. That is no more animal cruelty than feeding meat to a lion at the zoo. It is nature. You just have to make sure you buy the best food possible, as I do with my dog. For both my dogs health and the humane treatment of animals.

To have happiness taken away is worse than to never have had it. It's still cruel though, in the sense that,if I treated my cat well can I eat him?

Why exactly is it not cruel to eat something even if it was allowed to roam? Actually that might be more cruel, to be given freedom then have it taken away rather then never knowing it so they can be satisfied that they already experienced 'everything' (AKA a small den)

Because if it had at least a few years of happiness and was killed in a reasonably painless, humane way, I think that's better for the animals then for them to have been locked in a filthy, disease-ridden cage without any room to move or clean air to breathe.

Short answer: no. Long answer: Not everyone who ob<x>jects to animal cruelty is a vegetarian. Instead, they may only buy from meat suppliers who treat their animals with a degree of compassion, such as chicken farms that allow their animals to roam over a sizable area as opposed to being trapped in a dark, filthy, minuscule cage for their entire lives. Also, there are people out there who can appreciate the variety of animal life on planet Earth. I, for one, am extremely fond of turtles, snakes, salamanders, frogs, and the like. The ob<x>ject of this group is not to support venerating animals above homo sapiens, but to cease the needless suffering of creatures who share the same planet as we do. As the more evolved, more intelligent, dexterous, technologically advanced etc. species, it is our moral duty to protect those who are unable to protect themselves from humans who have disregarded that duty and make sure that the animals who provide important nutrients in our diets do not undergo needless pain and suffering to satisfy our palates.

Anti animal cruelty is indeed animal loving or animal neutral atleast

I'm talking about the ones who speak of animals being better than humans. And I think that maybe we should take care of humans before animals. Animal cruelty is gonna happen, you eating meat is considered cruelty.

We speak not of animal loving...we speak of animal cruelty! English is not my first language but even I know differences between these two words. Are you offended that our abdomens hurt when we witness a tortured animal? Do you like this activity for yourself? <br />
You speak of our love not of our hatred which is the nature of this thread.