My Neighbors Hate Cats

I find animal cruelty sickening and just over a year ago my family and I moved house next to this family. We have a pet cat and they found cat faeces in their garden so they blamed us and continuously tell us to keep our animal under control. The thing is: our cat likes to stay inside and rarely goes outside even to our own garden, the amount of faeces in her litterbox and in our garden is enough for one cat - she can't produce enough to be doing it in other gardens. Their neighbors on the other side of their house also have a cat who we've frequently seen in their garden but they don't tell them to keep their animal away.
It got to the point that if they see our cat on the wall at the back of our gardens they try to spray her with water and they have invested in what they call 'cat spikes'. They are spikes that they put on the back wall to prevent cats getting in. The problem is that not only are the spikes very sharp but also very large - 35mm high and 15mm in diameter per spike!
We spoke to our local animal protection and found that, unless something involving a cat does happen, the spikes can't be removed. So my family have to sit and wait until either our cat or any cat from down the road has a spike through it's paw.
AliceMai AliceMai
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2012