Cruilty & Abandenment

My cat Odie (God rest his soul) was found with a arrow in his leg. He was always sensitive touching his back legs. We only had him a little les than 2 years unitl he died of lymp node cancer. The last time we seen him he was purring loudly. He at least he had almost 2 good years. He just started to play. It was fun watching him. He also started sitting on my lap. His nick name was lover boy because he loved being loved.
We have another cat name Pooky. Pooky was found abandond and found by someone who took him to the humane society in our city and we took him. We had to scroung for money to get him insted of the other guy that wanted him but we got him!
Then there is also Ike. He was in a home who had too many cats. Even now he is effected by that because he would take over another food bowl in a heart beat. It is like he had to fight for food.
Then there is my PTSD Service cat Garfield's Girl (GG for short). She was found abandond at a golf course by our friend that works there. She was fur and bones. You could see her ribs and vertabra. Now she helps me in my time of need.

Then there is this poor dog. My Mom seen him get kicked in the stomach. Mom confrounted him and he said "Who are you to tell me how to train my dog." Actually we found out it was his girfreinds. We got the cops out there and they didn't take the dog or do anything to the animal abuser. That made us sick. We called animal control she didn't do anything either. SICKNING!
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Maybe his girlfriend will need to be told, no? She should know he is torturing her friend.