How Can We Ever Put A Stop To The Inhumane Treatment Of Animals Slaughtered For Meat?

I am absolutely and icredibly disgusted by animal cruelty. And its not just animal cruelty, Its the people that laugh at it, or joke about an animal being hurt. Even worse, the boys at my school who would purposely throw something at a bird so that it would get hurt. Whenever I see or hear someone saying something horrible about animals, or laughing at the idea of 'killing a cat' I just want to physically hurt them. They deserve it too if they're thick brains decide that animals are completely different to humans and that they do not have feelings or emotions like humans and do not need to be treated with respect. Years have gone by, and animal rights have stayed the same. It needs to change, but no one in the position to make the changes could care less about animals, and how theyre being treated. Animals are amazing creatures, once you make a friendship with an animal, it is forever. They will always love you, and I dont get why people should be treated any better than animals. I know, there are some animals that do not get along with people, but most of the time you will find that the reason for this was something to do with them being mistreated by humans.

I hate using the phrase 'they were treated like animals' This says that the way animals are treated is not fit for humans. Animals are really alot like humans, they have feelings, emotions, can make friendships, etc. so why should animals be treated with any less respect? Im sick of disgusting people that can sleep at night knowing they have physically or emotionally hurt an animal, or have even laughed at the thought. If humans were put through such cruelty that animals suffer through today, it would be illegal. Because humans have feelings, emotions. Yeh, well so do animals. Animals are generally kinder than humans. The majority of the time. It sickens me that people put animals through such cruelty, such pain.
It makes it worse knowing that the animals have no idea whats going on. That they would never expect such cruelty. That they would never know what they had done, to deserve it. It makes me want to cry for the rest of my life.

If you have ever watched a video of how chickens, pigs, cows and other animals are treated in abatoirs, you will know that those people that deal with those innocent, unknowing animals have no hearts. If you have not, heres an idea. Chickens are given so much growth hormone to make them grow faster that they often collapse under the weight of their own bodies. They can no longer support it. They are left to die on the floors, or they are unmercifully beaten until they are dead. Or even until they are close to death, but to remain half alive, to die a slow, painful death.They have also been known to have their beaks cut off, for some nervous system bull ****, while theyre still fully awake. Pigs are hung upside down, while still fully conscious, to have their throats slit. The pigs that are undergrown are thrown against the hard, cold floor until they are dead, while fully conscious. Mother pig's babies are ripped from their mothers, minutes after birth. Pigs go through absolute hell. Cows have their horns cut off while they are fully conscious, and constantly tortured. There is absolutely no ******* need for this torturing. To all those bastards who think they have the right to treat animals with no respect, to do terrible things to them, have you heard of painkillers? Have you heard of numbing? Yeh, I bet you have. How would you like it if I ripped your new born baby away from you, minutes after they were born. How would you like it if I slit your wife's throat, while she was still fully conscious. How bout I beat you until your so close to death, but not fully so that you lie there, feeling the full pain of it all, until you slowly pass away. Yeh, it changes in your eyes then doesn't it. Becomes 'cruel'.

As if this cruelty in abatoirs wasn't enough torture for animals, they also have to deal with animal testing, dog fighting, to be hunted by humans, tortured for no reason, to be given no love, no attention, to be euthanized if homeless, and random acts of cruelty from heartless people.

Thankyou to anyone who has read this. But now I need your help. How do you think we will ever get animals sent to abatoirs treated with the respect that they deserve so much? How will we ever stop the cruelty in abatoirs? Im 14 years old, and I think that the purpose of my life is to be a voice for animals, and do something to somewhat gain them the respect they deserve. I know this is alot, but I want all animals to be treated with love and respect. It brings me to tears thinking about how these animals are treated, everytime.

alani321 alani321
13-15, F
Sep 11, 2012