I Think My Neighbors Are Abusing Their Dogs? What Should I Do?

About 2 years ago, my neighbor got the most adorable German shepard puppy and named her Mariah. The man was living alone at the time, and I figured he just wanted some company. Sadly, this was not the case.
When he got Mariah, it was winter and it would snow all day and often all night. He would leave this poor little two month old puppy outside all day and all night, and for a few weeks she would just sit there and cry. :(
She would sit and shiver and she was completely terrified. :(

When spring came, I actually asked the man if I could spend some time with Mariah or walk her for him, but he selfishly said that he doesn't want her to bond with anyone but himself.

Anyway, he continued to leave Mariah out all day and all night so she developed a barking habit. I guess some neighbors reported her barking so he got a shock collar and only puts it on her every other day so she never knows when it's ok to bark. BUT when she is wearing the collar she SCREAMS so loud that the entire neighborhood can hear it. :( I think the setting on it is WAY too high.

Recently, (about 4 months ago) a woman and her son (who looks to be 10 years old) moved in with the man, and she brought her Rottweiler with her. Now, both dogs suffer all day alone with no human contact. However, the man made a metal cage to keep both dogs in, and they stay in there almost everyday, all day. Also at night. Mariah barks and screams all day because shes desperate for any attention.

Also recently, I've witnessed the ten year old kicking both dogs to get out of the way when he opens the back door, and I've watched the woman hit Mariah so hard that she screamed, and it was only because Mariah didn't want to go in the cage.

I want to know if this is considered animal abuse. The dogs do usually have food and water in the cage.... But is this any quality of life for them at all? What should I do?

I've also been thinking about taking both dogs during the day, putting them in my car, and driving each of them to seperate shelters. These people do not deserve to have dogs in my opinion. Is this a good idea? I know for a fact they won't catch me. They're gone all day.

I dont think they would miss the dogs either. Those dogs have never been outside of that backyard; they've never even been in the house. This infuriates me. >:(
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Its one thing to love dogs and to see them tortured and abused as your neighbours dogs are being both its mistreatment all right call the humane society let them deal with it even animal control these people should be dealt with videotape them to gather evidence and present that to the authorities so they can take care of it taking the dogs to the shelter won´t solve anything as the shelters are already full to overflowing with dogs those two dogs need a second chance of life not premature death which they will get at the shelter simply because there are too many dogs and not enough homes to put them in you could contact a breed specific rescue and tell them what you have witnessed thus far but again get evidence in the form of video and sounds of poor Mariah being tortured will certainly do that too in that way you are on the side of the law helping the dogs. Best wishes and good luck.

Damn I would go get them, they need LOVE!

Just imagine if it were you, you would want saving !!! This is why dogs become mean!
Tell me where, Ill get them! They dont deserve that!

Don't take them to a shelter unless it's no-kill. However, you will be arrested for stealing them. Go and talk to the neighbors. Do not be afraid of them or of confronting them. Every day you hesitate is another day the dogs suffer. Call the local SPCA and all rescue groups, especially the GS and Rottie groups. They will actively confront these idiots. Do NOT wait. Act now!