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I Saw A Man Beating His Dog

Last week I saw a Guy beating. His dog so I took. His dog away. And called. The cops and they and took the dog and thank me. For being a good citizen
fireman03 fireman03 70+, M 10 Responses Oct 29, 2012

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Thank you so much for being a great human being. I mean really...if a man can beat a dog... he deserves a beating himself. I hope the cops charge him....

You should beat the **** out of that guy. I hate people who do that.

I wood rather let the law. Take then go to jail my self if. I wood go to jail then I coundnt help any more anmils

yay!!!! did the guy get angry coz you stole his dog? i fink he should be put in a special island for bad people and get eaten by tigers. :) well done for doing something like that. i don't think i would hav had the coradge to do an amazing thing like that coz a dog bit me one and now i am scared for life. :'( and i don't really want to take something off an incteadebly angry person...

Thank you for your comment

I would have done worse, they would be calling the cops on me ;)

good on you!! and thank you

i can understand discipline but there is no reason to beat the poor thing. i would have done the same. i once found a pitbull wandering the street near my house. he was quite friendly and had a collar on. he even listened when i told him to sit. i put a leash on him and walked him around my neighborhood to find his owner but ended up having to call the pound. i couldnt keep him there because i have a male pit of my own

you are awesome for that

Thank you very much

you need an award!

Thank you

Nothing enrages me more than animal abuse or neglect. Good for you for being among the few who are brave enough to take action!!

Thank you

bravo you did good!!!

Thank you