I Just Don't Understand It

I do not understand why people would want to starve, beat, kill, or leave an animal stranded or anything to an animal! People disgust me. I mean if you won't take care of animals, why have them?! I just don't understand people, I could never ever do that to an animal. I can't even hunt, if I shot a dear I would probably end up crying. People just need to learn to have respect for animals or something. Because I mean they wouldn't want to be treated that way. Well I usually have more to say about this, but my mind is wondering.
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When you rescue you see things you wish you never had seen. Misery come with the territoty. Anything from blatant cruelty to neglect and starvation. Dogs marked for life because of it. Ever heard of the Spanish galgoes if not look them up. Their fates is often misery and cruel death just because they are no longer of use to anyone. They are hanged burnt alive thrown into 30 meter deep wells have their legs smashed so they can´t follow the car that dumped them anything goes in the lad of Spain.If you take away the S from spain you have got pain which is a constant for the dogs in the municipal shelters known by another more sinister name of Killingstations those places are waiting rooms of death and misery. No treatments for injuries even open compound fractures are not treated can you imagine the pain and sadness those poor dogs go through.Need I say more. However standing by and sheding tears won´t help but alerting others to their plight adopting one will surely change the world for that one galgo.There is always a lot that can be done and more than you think cheers for now.Greyhounds changed my life maybe yours could be too for the better.

I agree. I had a neighbor once that tried to spray my cat with a water gun. I wasn't very happy as you can imagine. Animal abuse is truly a horrendous sin. The picture for this group really disturbs me. I feel so sad for that dog.

I know right. :( I hate watching Animal Cop shows, it makes me want to cry. I can't stand it. If I ever found one of my dogs and someone had abused them or something, someone would have to seriously pay for it. And I don't mean in money either lol. PEOPLE ARE JUST SICK!

Sick? Talk about ******* MESSED UP IN THE ******* HEAD!!!!

Yes, truly ****** in the head!


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