I Try To Not Hate Things, But This Is The Exception.

Hate it... So much. Can't even watch movies where an animal is only "portrayed" to be hurt. I refuse to watch war movies because I just know a horse is going to get shot in battle. It's weird- I love horror films and I can take any amount of fake people deaths, but as soon as an animal is messed with, I'm done. I will not watch documentaries on animal cruelty, I already know what sick minded people do to animals out there, and I don't need to be reminded.

I find myself in conversations with people who think of animals no different than a rock, refer to them as "it", and could care less about the pets they have. If their pet does anything wrong to a piece of furniture, they are ready to whisk them away to the pound, lacking any remorse that they'll just be put down.

I love my kitties. Anytime I hear of a helpless animal being done wrong to, I hug my kitties and hope that I've given them a good life. I wish there were more people out there like you and I that understood the soul of animals...
AuroraEuphoricHeart AuroraEuphoricHeart
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I tear up whenever I hear stories of animal abuse.

Like you I love animals especially dogs and among them the sighthound group above all else. I too hate animal cruelty with a passion. I just can´t stand idly by when greyhounds get abused mistreated starved and hurt.I got my new greyhound on Sunday he is wonderful. He has been through the ringer as it were.He is marked by it but little by little he will know he is safe and loved in fact I think he already knows it will take time for him to get used to everything new here but he will cope they are very quick to getting used to new situations most of them change owners more than a few times throughout their racing careers and lives. Chris is five years old and a wonderful lad. He is my fourth greyhound.Love them all to bits.