A Small Step In The Right Direction...

NOTE: There is some graphic details within; not intended to disturb anyone, but to give details.

I live in Las Vegas, NV, and have lived here for 17 years now. In that time I have seen the city and state degrade at an alarming pace. Highest foreclosure rate, highest unemployment rate, highest HS dropout rate (38%), and the list goes on.

Well, finally, we are moving in the right direction. Recent legislation (Cooney Law) now makes it a felony to harm animals. Some of you may have seen recent stories of two 16 year old kids drowning kittens, or the two college students that killed a bird at the Flamingo.

As for the younger kids, they each received 5 years probation.

And the college students? According to LasVegasWorldNews.com, "They have been arrested and, according to online records, have each been charged with 2 counts; one count of willful and malicious torture to maim and kill animals and one count of conspiracy to kill or maim, disfigure or poison an animal."

I am most pleased to learn they are law students. Every time they see a bird they should be reminded that felons can't join the bar association.
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children can be cruel and vicious if they are abused and neglected themselves...the kitten story makes me sick.......but what about the college students? what is there twisted deal? how did they come upon the bird and what would possess them to kill it?

It was part of a nature display at the Flamingo Casino/Hotel. You can read the story here:

that is insane and the one guy looks 34 not 24. i bet he talked the other one into it. idiots!

Did you notice the two key points? #1 They are law students, and #2 This is a felony. Can't get admitted into the Bar with a felony. I am happy to say that the poor bird will get the last laugh, since they screwed up their lives big time!