I Am Fighting For Nitro's Law

Nitro was a big beautiful and wonderful Rottweiler from New York. He had a sister named Bella and they should have been able to grow old together. But that was not meant to be. Nitro's parents decided to send him for training at High Caliber K9  Center in Youngstown Ohio. Nitro's parents did everything right they personally went there to see the facilities and they liked what they saw so they went and left Nitro there while they tended to a family emergency. The center was raided and what they found breaks my heart. There were 19 starving dogs and 8 of the 19 were dead. Nitro was one of the 8 who died. The conditions there were appalling . They charged the owner with 19 counts of animal cruelty only to have 15 counts removed and 4 were left. Nitro's was one of the counts that was dismissed. The owner got only four months in jail and a fine because Ohio  is only one of four states to still consider animal cruelty a misdemeanor.

Nitro's law came about because his parents didn't want to see what happened in Nitro's case to happen to any one else. It will make animal cruelty of all kinds a felony instead of a misdemeanor. It is about to die a 2nd time in our state house and then our work over the past 4 years will be for nothing but we will fight on in Nitro's name because he can't fight for himself.
I will make sure Nitro is never ever forgotten. He was a beautiful dog that I have on my profile pic. He is the one on the left and Bella is on the right they deserved to have long and happy lives but because of one man's selfish cruel actions that will never be. I will continue to fight for him because he can't and his law will pass it is just a question of when.
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Paige .. this story deserves to be told and remembered!!! Nitro never received the love he deserved in life!!! How some people can be so cruel is beyond understanding!! I stand with you to defend all animals against acts of cruelty with hopes through awareness we can change the future. A world where all animals are loved and cared for would be a beautiful place to live!!!!!

I admire your resolve and stamina as that is what is needed when fighting cruelty on all levels.I fight for the racing greyhounds and also alert othert to their plight it is sad that dogowners and trainers are not more careful and compassionate than shown here. Some of the things i have seen are heart wrenching too starvation is more common than not.Too bad that some people don´t take the loving souls in their care more serious. The loss of someone so close is devestating so Nitro run free and play at the bridge lad.It does remind me of another Nitro his name was Clash Nitro and he and another greyhound named Rent A Flyer were shot with a captive bolt pistol they were not fast enough for the racing industry and were thus disposed of it is heartbreaking the man who shot them was only tried for conterminating his land with the carcases of more than ten thousand greyhounds killed by him over a period of ten years. He was known as the Seaham slaughterer.This culprit was named David Smith he was a builders merchant as well as greyhound murderer.this was in 2006 something we can never forget.Thanks for sharing your story.