I Love Animals.

Seriously, if I could adopt ALL of those animals that are in those commercials I WOULD.
It breaks my heart every time I see a cat with one eye, or a poor injured puppy on the tv. I literally start balling my eyes. TT___TT

I really hate people who think it's funny seeing animals in pain. I love animals and always have. I really want to adopt a few puppies from those pounds & horrible cruelty. I want to end all animal cruelty one day. Their innocent faces aaaahh I think I'm gonna start crying now..
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

<p>I know what you mean! I am the same way. I have adopted animals for the past 23 years I've been on my own. I currently have two cats and a dog. I've always said if ever I won the lottery and could afford a home with land, I would adopt all of the animals that nobody wanted. The 3-legged dog, the blind cat, the deaf horse ... sort of a wayward home for misfit animals. And I would love them all dearly!!</p>