Pitbull Puppy Possibly Being Non-violently Abused In My House. Help!!!

My room mate has a 6th month old pit bull/boxer puppy that is sweet but untrained and confused. I think this is because my room mate is hardly ever with her. The room mate goes to school for 9 hours a day and leaves the dog in the cage the whole time then goes to work the other days for long periods. Also, she has never taken the dog on a walk. I try the best I can to get the dog out of the cage but I am gone for extended periods of the day also. I feel bad for this even going on where I live. Any suggestions? Please be positive and don't be rude. Thanks
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Talk to your room mate about your feelings and tell them if they don't spend more time with their dog you are going to report them.

My dog Lucy was a rescue from a high kill shelter in Georgia - she was a puppy mill breeder dog and never socialized, played with, loved and she is now six. It has taken us several years to gain her trust, to socialize her, and some of the harm this jerk did to her will never be undone.

Dogs are social animals, they, like wolves, need to be a member of a pack, they NEED NEED NEED a lot of love, social interaction, to be talked to, played with and cuddled. They need to be petted and spent time with.

Your friend needs to grow up and take responsibility or do the right thing and give this dog to a nice family or Pit Bull Rescue Group.

Pit Bulls especially need a lot of socialization when they are young or they can have mega problems that will end up having them stuffed in a gassing or decompression chamber and snuffed out.

Your room mate is irresponsible and selfish...............and that is my opinion.

Having a dog is like having a kid - you either do it right or don't do it at all.