A Pal For The Paws

I am part of an organization called, Pals for Paws. We care for homeless animals. We are folks that do get a tax break on the supplies we need to care for the homeless but.. the money to get the supplies comes out of our own pockets.
I have cats galore! Didn't ask for them but I care for each and more than likely more than I know as they come and go. I do get each of them "fixed" as I can. Of course the females first. ;-)

Two years ago, someone began killing them. Shooting them with a high-powered air rifle to posion, and one survived a hanging, dragging event.That lassoed cat that escaped... well when he came home, a cat I had had for 5 yrs.... and I saw what I did, the shape of my cat...well I went to my knees in tears. His skin from shoulders to right beneath his chin, rolled-off hide. Skinned alived! His tummy, legs were raw from someone dragging him.... sigh......... Enough..... I feel my blood pressure rises.

Sooooo, now I have most of them in "the house". :-( Yup, 8 cats now, and about 8 outside. I know... OMG, right. But what I am to do. I can not, will not go thru the emotions of seeing..knowing of animal cruelty... first-handed. Someone is going to get hurt besides me and the animals. I don't like that feeling within me. So, I protect us all...I carry big sticks ;-) really too.

My animals are well feed. Sheltered, loved ones. I spend more time, energy, and money on them than I do myself. This is why this year, I'll find us all a new home, a farmhouse, back deeper into the country. I believe wholly in the Law of Attraction!
I see my new home, I see even this huge ran-down barn out back. I see a small pond. *smile* I will make it so! So, we ALL can live in peace.

By trade I am a house cleaner, have been for years. I am a silly neat-nut, obsessive cleaner. So, you all should know... I am a vacuuming, dusting, poopy-scooping fool!
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I belong to claws and paws. I am really more of a dog person. Have 6 inside; average weight more than 50 pounds, so I have an idea of what you are talking about. Did
I mention where I live you are only allowed to have 3. I keep the yard cleaned up and they are well trained, so the neighbors do not complain.
Glad I do not live near you. I am normally a very compassionate person. If I had someone hurting animals that way I would probably get into some serious trouble.
Hope things work out and you can get that farmhouse.

Thank you. I don't like drama nor bad vibes that can turn me into a wicked old lady...which is in me to do so. ;) Yes, I will find , ...draw a farmhouse suited for me and my furry kids! Sooner the better!! Take care

May you find the peace you seek!
Very best wishes coming your way!