I truly hate animal cruelty, and I really do appreciate the ASPCA and all they do. However, I am so sick of their commercials coming on. I can't even handle them and have to change the channel. They make me sick. I don't think it's fair that I always have to see that commercial, because I am not financially able to do anything about it. It really killed me in their old ads, when they played "arms of the angels" OMG! I practically cried when they played that commercial with that song.

EDIT: Now that I posted a story about ASPCA those are the ONLY ads I get at the top of my screen on this site.  No joke.  I get sad every time I log onto here because I see really miserable and abused animals at the top of my screen. AHHHHHHH! I want to be able to help! I do.  I just can't save them all.  Any dog I've ever owned have been rescues.  In fact, I have a one year old puppy with me right now who was rescued a year ago.  
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I totally agree. When those commercials come on my day is ruined. I don't think we need commercials like that. We all know what an abused dog looks like. All we have to do is drive around our towns. I don't understand our law makers.