My New Animal Rescue!

Hi everyone I'm new to this but I want to give you a little info on me. My name is Matt and I'm looking into starting my own dog rescue group. I've already been successful in helping out 2 abused dog which I love now and have a dog of my own! Daisy, chance, and skitzy. You can only guess what skitzy stands for! Lol I have land I'm paying for out of my pocket and vet bills then taking care of my own needs to take care of them. (It gets a little pricey!) If anyone is interested in helping my cause please email me and tell me what you'd like to help with! But more information about this is I'm looking to start the rescue and house more dogs but I don't have the money I need yet. What we are doing is rehabilitating each dog from whatever background they came from and training them with obedience and showing them love so that the family that adopts them will have the most loving dog joining there family. If you would like to know more or see how you can help please email me! thank you everyone for reading my post and I pray I get some more support that I need!
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Well it didn't add my link but ask me where you need to go to donate lol

Yes people can be cruel all around! That's why I'm try into get this animal rescue up and going! It's quite hard because I have to pay everything out of my own pocket which gets really expensive! Seeing your from New York I won't be able to ask for dog stuff like houses toys food for donation but is there a chance you can possibly donate a dollar or whatever you are interested in donating.. click on this link and it setup to go through PayPal if not that ok too I'm not here to force it i just need alittle bit of help