Do People Realize?

Dose anyone know what dog shelters do to to unwanted dogs not only do they put them to sleep but they put them in a bag and throw them in a shed until they a read to cremate them dogs that was once part of a family that was loving and loyal but most shelters don't think they have a choice because of dog breeders they bring in more animals in to the world that somehow end up in a shelter at some point when there are already so many that need a home some breeders don't even have the means to breed and there puppies just end up with life threatening diseases some are also abusive and negligent isn't there a license that dog breeders are suppose to have my dog past away five years ago and yes I want another one but I can not finance another one right now but when I can I will save a dog at a shelter
87dolphin 87dolphin
Jan 21, 2013