Hate Them Adverts

Hate anything to do with animals which are harmed!! When i see them on tv on adverts n the shows i wanna hurt the owners as much as they have hurt or neglected their animal!!!

When i was holiday the hotel we were staying inhad a small monkey in its reception!! It was the cutest lil thing ever but it was so sad! It was fed n watered n had a big cage n was let out each day but it was so cruel!! I haev a photo of the lil fella as i was in love with it and his eyes are so full of sadness!!!

I wanted to really just set it free but as its been living with them all its life it wouldnt have a clue where to go or fend for itself!!
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You are not a hoarder as a hoarder knows no limits to the amounts of animals they take in they think they are the only ones who can care for these unfortunate souls. caring about them the way you have described just make you a caring rescuer nothing more and nothing less It is admirabel that you have been abel to save the ones you have now take solice in the thought that without you these poor animals would be elsewhere. We canĀ“t save them all but we can make a world of diffrence for the ones we have saved.

I'd like to go upside some of these idiots heads with a baseball bat myself. Last Sept. we rescued a starved pregnant mare. Thankfully God was with us and she delivered a beautiful healthy filly this past March. <br />
What really makes me the angriest is people getting these animals then won't care for them and leave it for someone else to try to right their wrongs. We have 25 horses here all but six are rescues they were rescued when they were 3mos old and we have dogs here we have rescued to.<br />
People have come here wanting to buy one of our horses but I have seen so much neglect and cruelty I'm afraid to part with them.Does that make me a hoarder?<br />
I sure hope not b/c everything here is spayed, neutored or gelded. There is no way I can take in anymore animals as much as I'd like to but I have a responsibility to the ones that I have saved.

I adore the wild animal park where specific habitats are prepared for each bio group of animals. I feel much happier seeing animals there than in the zoo. <br />
<br />

I know, it breaks my heart i cant stand it either, the only time an animal hurts us is when they pass away :( We were lucky to be born human, there but for the grace of god.....