So Insensitive

I hate animal cruelty too.  I was at a cocktail party once and an alligator was so rude to me that my feelings were bruised for weeks.
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I am sorry but I do not aggree with that king of humour,animal cruelty is a profound shame on our society and not to be made light of,it shows a lack of vision and human compassion in certain people,there are certain things that cannot simply be joked about.

Thanks. Oh as for rude dogs how about this one My greyhound Darcy who is a big lad dosenĀ“t like a certain person he cocked his leg I happend to prevent his dousing her with his utter contempt talk about being rude.

No chance of that here the climate is much cooler. it was only a few degrees of warmth this morning the weather was windy and that wind went through the bones as it were. Oh as for those golfers let them take a swim with the crocs I am sure they will be delighted to have them in for dinner.

Just wait till the golfers dives into the waterholes after their golf balls what a splash that will make when the alligators ring the dinner bell with all that it entails fresh meat dishes on the side!!!!!!!!!!.

My dog has been a bit rude and surly lately. I wonder if it's something we said?

heeheehee, you so crazy...

I started early cause some friends came down from NCal. So I am havin a holagram weekend as well.<br />
It's so damn hot here the cheese just melts inta the cracker. I cant remember if things atrent what they used ta be at the moment. Must be the seeds in the wine. lol Have a great weekend one an all!<br />

Well it's a holiday weekend coming up, and you know how that goes - the cheese starts sliding off the cracker - a couple of kangaroos in the upper paddock get loose - and things just ain't like the used to be - not that they ever was. :->

You guys gave me the first laugh of the day!

Disclaimer: No monkeys were humiliated in the making of this picture.

I think I saw something like that but it was a naked monkey an he was spanking it! LoL<br />
But I think it was consentual, The monkey was smiling.<br />

We may have at last stumbled upon our E-Bay "rags-to-riches" idea.

H-m-m-m-m sa-a-a-a-ay . That could be a popular item. polo shirts with lil yuppies, geeks etc.

Just once I'd like to see an alligator playing golf wearing a shirt that had a teeny tiny yuppie embroidered on it.

Must have been one a the polo Shirt breed, They are well know for their yuppie cruelty and hateful use of pastels as well lol<br />