Animal Cruelty

I abhore animal cruelty, have volunterred to raise money for animal rescue missions, have found homes for countless animals.  I once live on a dead end street where people would drop off dogs and cats.  Took several dropped off puppies to the vet to have checked out before giving them away, and the vet didn't charge me a dime.  He gave all of them their shots and a clean bill of health.  Took them down the street to the grocery store and gave all of them away.  I also took in four cats that were strays and gave them loving homes.  I have one left and Charlie is 17-years old.  Was operated on last year for breast cancer and is still going strong.  I also rescued four puppies from being drowned and found homes for all of them; Sam-my 9-year coydog being one of them is my heart as seen in my picture.  Having lived in the country, I have given away countless animals that were dropped off.  I also donate money to Pets Mart when I can.  Animals are so dependant on humans, and I do all I can to ensure their safety and finding homes!     Coydawg

coydawg coydawg
1 Response Jan 22, 2009

Thank you for all that you are doing to help animals on a personal level. I do the samething but our farm is at its capacity. There is a way we can still help and make a stand against animal cruelty. Please go to and read the story about a pup that was brutally murdered and help this grieving owner put those scumbags behind bars that murdered their pup Peanut. <br />