Can't Stand Too See Animals Hurt

Especially hard to see shows like Animal Cops on Animal Planet.

ricemark20 ricemark20
36-40, M
4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I can't watch Animal Cops either it upsets me to much. Animals are like little innocent children. The things that are done to animals should never be allowed to happen. The people should be thrown in jail.

it so sad that these animals get treated so badly because of these horrible, gutless people. the down economy is hurting us and the animals of the people that can not afford them and starve and abandon these wonderful creature. poor guys

I can't watch shows like that! It is hard enough to know that sweet innocent animals are hurt so badly let alone to actually see it. I do what i can to help animals which is pitifully little in the grand scheme of things it seems.But i do know that ANY of the ones that adopt me are mine for life be it thiers of mine, and I treat them with love and kindness.

I can't even watch those shows. I live in the country and many people drive out here and leave off their unwanted pets. It's so sad and up in the state park, there are many feral dogs. If we could only save the world!