My dog is like my brother. I can't imagine why anyone would abuse an animal. The hurt in my dog's eyes when I leave the house makes me so sad. I can't imagine how sad he would be if he was abused.
LIZard0121 LIZard0121
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I'm an animal lover like you. Had a friend who lived in apartment with her service dog. The dog is no good for service anymore because the neighbors traumatized it. They were from another country where dogs were disease carriers and not pets. They are taught that digs are bad and dirty as a way to keep their kids safe. No, it was no right to abuse my friend's dog, but sometimes it's a matter of perspective and learning how others view things.

I feel you. However violence is never ok against a defenseless animal.

People who move to another country should leave their prejudices at the airport and learn to adapt to the way of life in that country, or else go home!