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One of my pet hates, is irresponsible pet owners.

So many dogs are, scolded, kicked, yelled at, not walked, not played with, not given any stimulation, even ignored by their owners.... or keep in areas too small, etc etc etc.... 

So many cats are just left outside to their own devices....

Even the lack of training and relationship (pack) development, is just so harmful for the well being of pets - and it breaks my heart that so many, in my mind, are ill treated. 

Just because a pet is not being starved or severely beaten, or forced to fight, does not mean they are not being abused, by the simple irresponsibility of the owner.


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6 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I totally agree - you can tell a lot about a person by their treatment (or ill-treatment) of their pet/s.

It really tears me up. I had a close friend that decided it was OK to keep a cat locked in a room because it bothered her new boyfriend. My husband didn't want her in our house after that. How you treat animals shows a lot about your core.

so true! :-)

I know!

It's the lack of caring that angers me.... and the reality that they're taking advantage of something completely reliant upon them! It's horrendous!

Totally agree!!!!!