Stopping It !

A few years back when I was 16, I had two young dogs that I had recieved. My one dog, Cujo, my cousin gave me because my puppy had gotten really sick and died. Then when me and my family moved to a bigger house with a yard my brother I got a puppy, Conin. Conin had come from a rather large litter and the owners couldn't afford to feed him and his sisters all the time. Well when he finally came to our house he was real skiddish and shy towards everything. When I would raise my voice or raise my hand to through something he would cower on the floor and asked my brother why and he said, " They used to beat him for doing puupy things and that's why he wanted to bring him home. Eventually he became very loyal to me and our other two dogs, Cujo and Angel. Then my mom got in some trouble and I lost both of them but they went to loving caring homes.

sissyanne18 sissyanne18
Mar 2, 2009