Chittlin the Blind Dog

I live in on a dirt road. There are only seven houses on my street. Needless to say we get everyone's share of trash dumped on our street, along with every breed and mixed breed of dogs. I actually have my local humane society on speed dial. Of all the dogs that I have helped, the one I called Chittlin. was the one that I remember the most. He was a pit bull that had been breed for fighting. When I found him, he had been blinded and put out to fend on his own. His eye sockets were still bleeding!It hurt me to see this beautiful animal in such pain. I gave him medications and nursed him back to  health. I eventually found him a home with a retired couple who grew to love him very much. He followed his Mommy every where and was very protective.

What I don't understand is how anyone could do this! I believe there is a Special place in hell for the people who do these kind of things. They can sit right next to Michael Vick.

mckenzie00 mckenzie00
Mar 6, 2009