Abandoned In the Usa; Thrown Into a Toilet In Egypt

so I've had two direct experiences with animal cruelty.   The first occurred in the USA when I was 11.  My father was driving down the road with my younger brother, my dog, and me.  we saw a small puppy walking down the road.   he seemed lost.  we stopped and the puppy came up to us.   His coat was dirty and dusty.   We gave some of my dog's water.  he drank 5 bowlfulls of water, and then we fed him some dog food.  he ate almost 2 bowls.   We noticed that he was a doberman whose ears had not yet been cropped so he was very cute.   We took him to the local pound.   we checked back a week later and someone had taken him in.    He ended up living a happy life.  We figure he was abandoned.

The second story occurred in Egypt.   one morning I heard whinning and wimpering on the dirt road next to the apartment complex I lived in.   I went out there just as the sun was coming up.

The noises were coming from a dog that had just given birth to 9 puppies.  2 had died.   someone (probably a kid) had tossed the puppies into one of those ramshackle style of outhouse.   The puppies were literally at the bottom walking around in refuse and such.    So I did the logical thing.   I created some improvised Hazmat wear out of trash bags and some exercise clothes which I needed to throw out anyway.    I had some extra linen so I fashioned a rope out of some linen and a few belts and climbed in there and got the puppies out of there.  I climbed there with one duffle bag and my backpack.     


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That's a great story.

I wish more people would go out of their way to do the right thing.