Rosie - Beagle X

My boyfriend's step-mam has just got a dog from a rescue near us. Her name is Rosie and She's a Beagle, crossed with a Collie, or so we've been told. She's 18 months old and is incredibly nervous around people. The story behind her is, she's from a family that only spoke Portugese and they had a younger, smaller dog than Rosie that used to bully her. Now, I think, as well as my boyfriend's family, that there is something they're not telling us because she doesn't seem to like women, even though she was with women in the rescue. Anyway, I'm glad she now has a new home and that she has come into my life. Hopefully now, she'll have a better one than being in the rescue even *X*

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That's great. My dog Casey was scared of males when we first had her. She's fine now though. I think they just have to learn to know who they can trust *X*

Yes I agree<br />
My cat was a stray and now we have a beautiful relationship. I am the only person he trusts. I am guessing he was badly treated by a male as he hides from male visitors.<br />
I belong to the local rescue service for prevention of cruelty to animals.

I have taken in two rescue dogs myself and they're gorgeous and I would defiantely do it again for any kind of animal. There is such a bond that comes between a rescuer and a rescued animal *X*

I used to work at a rescue in North Wales.<br />
Please let me know if there is anything i can do.<br />
If only more people would see the potential in a rescued pet.<br />
If only more people would have their pets neutered.<br />
If only, if only..<br />
Thanks for being one of the few. It sounds like Rosie's future is looking 'rosie'!