Can't Understand How People Can Do It

I am not referring to the recent public news about dog fighting although thats horrifying too. Just in general. I watch Animal Planets show Animal Cops and cant imagine how humans can do the things they do....

 "Did you KNOW the chain you wrapped around your dogs neck has cut through his skin and grown into his fur???"



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I want to fight those dog owners!

I can't even believe how they can do that stuff and watch it happen, what would it feel like for a chain to be wrapped around your neck? What would it feel like to have fireworks strapped to your back? Humans are cruel. Why did god bring these people?

Its ages ago since I wrote the reply below. I sadly lost my greyhound from Spain that was on June 5 2011 last year on October 18 I lost my whippet Mike. I miss them both so very much. However two new greyhounds have come home since my youngest Collin on July 4 2011 and Chris 25 November 2012. He has not been here long but is already settled in well and is deeply loved.The legacy of love left to me by Connor greyhound and Mike whippet is now shared and in a way it honours who they were and I know they would approve of my two new greyhounds. Whom I gave a home as they became unwanted by their former owners.I am fortunate to have been abel to give them a loving home and I love them both so very much. None of them are from Spain Collin was born in Ireland and Chris in Texas.Thanks for sharing the sentiment we both have in common.

Of all the species on Earth, humanity has no excuse - we are suppose to be the smartest and most civilized and yet we are the cruelest.

About Spain - Greyhounds are some of the most sweetest, gentlest dogs. I will never support (go to) a Greyhound race, horse race or bull fight.

Why do people do this kind of stuff?

Because some people are just plain mean and ignorant.

What goes around comes around.

Wonder how many of these people go to church on Sunday and torture animals Mon - Fri?

Sad, humans kill each other and all the other species on this planet. (Not all) but enough have no respect and that is what it comes down to, having respect for our planet, each other and the other inhabitants of this planet.

I'm not saying to pet a tiger that is about ready to eat you if you're in the wild - but for our domestic animals, we treat them horribly. 3 out of 4 dogs and cats end up dead. Sad statistics.

Sadder even because a dog will (unlike most people) love you if you get fat, old, lose your job, lose your social position, and they look beyond physical beauty to what is in your heart.

There is nothing like the love of a good dog - I've been blessed with many "throw aways", "unwanted", "shelter" dogs and they have all been better friends to me than most humans.

A dog will never betray your trust or back stab you.

The only bad dog is a dog that either was born with something wrong with his/her brain or treated and trained badly by a human.

We now have two dogs and they make our family complete, nothing like waking up with a little JaCairn Terrier next to you and he wags his tail saying "I'm so happy you're awake".

Why do we mistreat animals?

Now ask why we have been dropping bombs on women and babies for ten years straight and if you say 911 - you need to do some research. 911 was a false flag operation (research that one).

Greydk: Good for you - you are like me, we try and make amends for the cruelty our other fellow humans do................will read your inspirational story. I need a story to make me feel good about humanity right now.

In Spain they hang,burn and torture galgoes and greyhounds for days before finally leaving them to die. What they do is awful. More than 50.000 galgoes and greyhounds are culled anually when they are no longer of any use to their "owners" One of my greyhounds survived Spain. Sadly not many others do he was lucky and I was fortunate enough to get him. His story can be read elsewhere on this site its called Odds against. Besides him I have two more ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet all of them were unwanted by their former owners as surplus to requirements. Oh all of my four lads live indoors with me where else would they live.Keeping dogs outside is pointless why do it it does not benefitt the dogs who are highly social creatures who deserve better than being left out in the cold why people insist on being so cruel and heartless is beyond me. If they have no intentions of having the dog with the rest of the family they should not be allowed to have one at all.

You sound like a wonderful person, I would be proud to call friend.

And yes, my two dogs are house dogs too. They like to go out here and there (in a fenced in back yard and I go out with them and play with them).

Your reply made my day. Gives me faith that there are good humans out there.

i know it makes me sick! even when i see dogs in the back of trucks on the freeway! do you know how dangerous that is? would you ride back there going 75? no? then why do you think the dog wants to? i love animals. people are rediculous!

My two dogs (a English Pointer, little lady with three big fudgy chocolate brown spots) and a 23 pound JaCairn Terrier that thinks he is 200 pounds..........ride in the back of a pick up truck :O I don't think so.

Good reply, you sound like a nice person and another person I would be proud to call friend.

Some people are ridiculous, non-caring, cruel and just ignorant.