I Will Never Understand

It's not obvious cruelty, but it is as cruel as any physical mistreatment. The shelter I work at has a regular intake of animals. Dogs alone, over 3,000 per year. Approximately 1/3 of those are reunited with owners. 1/3 we are able to find new homes for. The remaining 1/3 for various reasons never leave. Some have health problems that people are not prepared to take on. Some have behavioural problems that make them a risk. But many, too many, are just too old. They come through the gates weaving and wobbling on unsteady legs. Their eyes are cloudy blue, usually filled with muck. Skin problems, loss of hearing, and quite often riddled with fleas and worms. We just KNOW when we see them that no owners will be contacting us looking for them. How do these dogs, after so many years of loyalty and love, end up alone on the streets? Are they deliberately let out, because they are now a burden and not worth the time and effort that caring for them takes? It is one of the toughest aspects of working here. To see these animals end their lives lost, confused, surrounded by strangers. They deserve better!! We give them all the love and comfort we can, but it's not enough. It teaches you a new level of contempt for people that are capable of dumping an animal this way.

Soozles Soozles
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To dump an old faithful dog like that is just beyond cruel. I guess we will never know the reason but I agree they certainly deserve so much better. There is an other category of people namely those who try to make a few dollars of an unsuspecting dog by showing some interrest in a dog or hound up for adoption and then silence when they find out the rescue in question is not going to fall for their dirty scam. I call them timewasters and it angers me because it makes you suspisious of people showing an interrest. I would prefer them to be honest and not to vaste valuabel time that could have been spent finding the right sort of home for that particular dog or hound. Thanks for being an angel for these poor downtrodden souls. It is a hard job but also filled with love for the individual dog which I find admirabel. Thanks for sharing Greydk.

Thanks Kitti - so glad you were there when the Jack Russell needed you. It's nice to hear about the Happy Endings. :)

ohh god .. I agree with you 100%... animals need companionship and affection ... they can feel lonely .. I can never understand how people can abandon their pets... I actually recently took a pet from a coworker .. she was actually telling someone at work that her husband said he wanted to throw out this poor dog ..... I told her dont you dare give him to me ... it was the cutest jack russell... they said he was too active for them .... I wanted to smack her ... <br />
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I took the dog in he is such a happy little active thing ... and one of my friends who loves animals took him and treats him like a king ...but I just dont understand people like this.. where is their hearts and compassion ?... sorry soozles ... this is a tender subject for me ...I am so happy their are people that feel the way you do ...you are a darling *hugs *

Thanks Mizz. It all gets a bit much sometimes, it's good to be able to let it out here. It helps just knowing that people understand....and care!

It does, Soozles, it does. It saddens me that people can do this. Thse lovely dogs should be enjoying their last years, not roaming the street, not having to look for a new home. Thank you for being so caring.<br />
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