Hate Is To Little A Word (sensitive People ...there Are Strong Pics)

I have read some posts on EP that have just sickened me .. people that think it is funny to talk of animal abuse ... that use this scenario as an attention grabber ...it is disgusting to me ... I have also been a witness to some animal abuse ..which I have reported and even intervened ..

I dont understand the kind of human mind that can be okay with abusing something that cannot defend itself ...and the people that go along with these abusers either by agreeing with them or by simply not stepping up and saying something ... I can go on and on about this but I believe that pics are worth a thousand words:......



 If we do not speak up for defensless animals who will?

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thank you for your comment toddlin..I understand you 100 %..if only there were stricter laws and tighter watches on said laws..then we wouldnt have to feel that way...hopefully one day , we can live in a world where there will be and atrocities such as these will be a thing of the past...

I'm sure we all agree that people who do these things should be shot in the head. They are just evil not bad or a bit mixed up. They deserve punishment and are completely disgusting.<br />
Who could do such an unkind thing to these creatures or any animal? I can tell you for sure that if i ever saw such a thing happening i would love to take revenge

Disgusting , pathetic and yes , I feel more than hatred for those doing these. A clear proof of their sick , perverted minds.We should rise up in arms against all such.

Yes MM ... I have been talking to someone .. there is an organization already .. but independent called Peta that stands up for animal rights ...but there is just so much going on worldwide ... that is such a good idea........the abuse of anything so helpless litterally makes me ill... and I just cant understand anyone that would do such a thing.......How can they not want to care and show love to something that are under their care .....I have never understood that and never will ...thank you for your comments MM

I guess its time to form an organisation under UN exclusively for punishing animal abusers and for animal security before they us alone in the world

Yes ...I agree anyone that harms something so obviously defenseless should never be allowed to get anywhere near animals ..

If you inflict any cruelty on an animal, you should be banned from keeping them for life. <br />
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Yes Mizzen123 here in the states thsy need stricter laws absolutely ....<br />
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CanisRufus .... I totally dont agree with that practice , my friend got a doberman from a breeder , that didnt cut the ears ..... and she went and cut the ears ... I felt like smacking her so badly , I have never understood any practice like that <br />
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wtfwolf yes ... it was so difficult for me to post these pics ... and I will agree with you 100% peaceful coexistence is key .... however these people are demented ....<br />
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Thank you all for your comments .......

Those pictures are indeed difficult to look at.. animal cruelty is one of those very despicable acts that people too often overlook. The general attitude of superiority is bad enough on its own.. too often their own well-being is not even put into consideration by these terrible owners. If you cannot care for and coexist peacefully with them, you shouldn't be allowed to have a pet..

unfortunately, what you have just seen here are advanced cases of what is considered "socially acceptable. you see, it is completely legal, socially acceptable, and preferred by both the AKC and CKC, to cut ears and tails off of certain breeds of dogs. furthermore, it is also legal to take a dog's voice away. now, convince me that these pictures do NOT depict an advanced stage of the same cold-heartedness!<br />
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by the way, i am fighting to put an end to these cruel practices...<br />
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I could barely look at these pictures. I can never comprehend why anyone would want to inflict pain on these beautiful animals:( <br />
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I don't think, in the UK at least, that the penalties for animal cruelty are anything like tough enough. Why can't they be more in line with what you would give to a human? Thank you for highlighting this.<br />
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It's just heartbreaking--how anyone could commit such acts...... I hope I never know that kind of evil. ='(

ohh hi star .. Iknow darlng .. this choked me up so bad you should have seen the ones I didnt add .. I couldnt take it ...humans are savages no ?...=-(

Oh my, those pics made me tear up.......

*hugs kitti back* yes it does unfortunately.....i hate that really

Yes Scribbles it saddens me to thnk that human beings can act so abominably .. but this is what happens no?.... *hugs scribs*<br />
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Ohh soozle it took me a good ten minutes to post these pics ... I was so emotional doing so .. thank you my darling .. your story inspired me to post this ... I hope it can touch someone else and so on .. *hugs soozle*

Well done Kitti!!!! Too many people shy away from sights like this - but to step up, and see it, and show it - THAT is the way to reach people. Show them the reality, let them see what is being done, move them to taking action to stop it. These pictures have made me cry, but they have strengthened my resolve to do all I can to help these victims, and to stop further abuse in any way I can. You have a good heart, and a gentle nature. I wish there were many, many more Kittis.(HUG)

It's so disgusting and sad,Sweetie...i can't believe we can do that so something...whoever does it needs a lot of therapy...