Its Sad How Often This Happens

We have pets that have all been rescued. 15 various animals to be exact. Most of which were rescued. Almost every pet I have ever owned was a rescued animal that had been abused or abandonned or just given away because they became an inconvienience. We got one of our cats from the vet who had been told by the owner that the cat was sick and to put him down... He even payed for it to be done. The man did not want to be with the cat when he was put under. The vet observed the cat for a few days and the cat was not sick... In fact it was eating like it had never seen food before! This was a perfectly healthy and friendly Maine Coon. The vet offered him to us and we took him. The cat was very nervous at first and still is a little wary but he is a nice cat for the most part and absolutely gorgeous.. I think there is another kind of abuse which seems to go unrecognized by alot of people.. The pets people have love them, they are sad when they are away from them... They feel like they;ve done something wrong when their owners abandon them. We leave food outside for stray cats as well and there are quite a few who we can tell for sure have been abandonned  (they are all dirty and matted missing tips of ears, starving, scared of human contact ect) Its so sad to see especially this one cat who is so mistrustful of humans that even though we've been feeding and sheltering him for all these years he still runs away and hisses if you get too close. And he won't go into elclosed spaces so we can't trap him and bring him to an animal shelter. Its sad to see the things that happen to animals. People who don't research there pets and therefore can't properly provide care or training for them.Under most circumstances I never blame a dog for biting someone.. I blame the owners. Petstores that are out only to make profit and barely take care of there animals. Owners of puppy mills. People who torture there animals.. I could go on forever.. It makes me so sad.

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It makes me so sad too! I wish I could save every lost, abandoned, lonely pet in this world. I cannot understand how people can be so cruel. I've got two dogs now that we're rescued from puppy mills. ONe is 8 years old having lived in that environment her whole life being used for breeding. My little Yorkie is from a puppy mill. She's been here almost 2 years and still won't come to me. No One has the right to make an animal suffer..........NO ONE!!