It's Awful

Whoever abuses an animal should have the same things done to them that they did to the animal! I have had pets - dogs, cats, hamsters, canaries, parakeets, fish and turtles . . . I could see, understand and share their joys and sorrows, which weren't any different from our own. I just can't understand the kind of human mind that can be okay with abusing something that cannot defend itself. -_-

"Seals are routinely clubbed or shot and left to suffer on the ice, before being clubbed again some time thereafter. Some seals are killed with a blow to the head using a wooden club or hakapik. The sealers stun as many baby seals as they can before going back to kill them. Some seals try to get away, but they are clumsy on the ice, heaving their fat little bodies with an uncoordinated flipper shuffle. Other seals are shot from a distance and then dragged from the ice onto boats using steel hooks." I think this is one of the most depraved, disgusting and saddening things on earth! It is sick. It shouldn't be allowed. We need to stand up for these poor animals that can't stand up for themselves!

Something that's horrible too, is the slaughter of horses.. "Horses are obtained for slaughter in a number of different ways. Irresponsible owners looking for quick cash will sell their horses to slaughter houses. Horses are stolen, and others are purchased by kill-buyers at auctions. Even federally protected wild horses have been sent to slaughterhouses. The transport conditions of these helpless animals are atrocious. Double decker buses built for much smaller animals are crammed. They are overcrowded, and many horses are killed or injured in the inhumane conditions. They are often shipped for days at a time without food, water, or rest. No animal should have to go through that torture.

The slaughter methods can be considered the most horrifying component of all. The animals wait in lines as they watch their kind being tortured and dying. Horses can endure repeated stuns or blows to the head in an attempt to render then unconscious. This is not humane in itself, nor does it always work. They often remain conscious while being shackled, hoisted into the air by a rear leg, and slit across the throat. Sometimes a horse's nose is down in the blood, blowing bubbles while he suffocates." It's just disgusting and horrible! Poor, poor animals..

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

I totally agree you would think ppl would be more civilived, but nope slaughter practices have changed very little in the past 500 years. The only changes made have been ones to make the transport, killing and preperation for butchery easier. Very disgusting!