Puppy Mills

it is a very disgusting fact  that most puppies bought from pet stores have come from puppy mills. Even more disgusting the inhumane ways the dogs are treated are legal in Canada and in most states in America. The only way to stop these puppy production lines is to buy only from reputable breeders, or to adopt a dog from a rescue (who probably came from a puppy mill >_>)  Breeders wont breed the dogs if they can't make money. The poor breeding practices used in mills lead to so many breed specific and just general health and behavior problems.  :,(    At  www.helpingpaws.net/ you can find local groups to help abandoned dogs, cats, and everything else!  Little things can make a difference when it comes to helping these animals

azzypan azzypan
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I've fostered a number of puppy mill dogs and the condition they come to in is frightening. Poor little things, no fur from malnutrition, so sick it can shorten their lives. Why is this allowed? No one should be able to abuse animals in this way in 2010. With such little regard for animals, how human can these monsters be?

No I don't eat meat or anything GMO, but I will check that video out for sure thank-you