Nightmare House

my neighbor lost there home to foreclosure (dont feel bad 4 them after u read this story u certainly wont). 4 yrs i called the s.p.c.a. / all kinds of shelters / rescue leagues/ the township/ the health department. u name it i called, more times then i can recall. 2 times someone came out in over 17 yrs of phone calls, they neighbors wouldnt let them in there house, n nothing was ever done. i still feel quilty  that i could not do something 4 those animals. these people had 4 dogs they kept them in there basement, left them out maybe once r twice a week. the dogs fur were covered in feces. the house u could smell as u went past it. they had at least 50 plus cats. it got to the point there cats were being born w/ fushed paws from so much interbreeding. know this woman n her husband lived there w/ there oldest son. plus had there other kids over w/ grandchildren in that house. when they lost there house / i later learned they took these cats n just dumped that at random froms around the area. some i was told were taken to shelters. know i have found several that have come back, the ones i have caught i took to the shelter myself. i went into there house after they left, it was a nightmare, animal feces every where. the stench made me want to puke. i looked down there basement steps the feces was at least 4 inches deep.imagine these poor animals living in that filth. those people chose to live that way, they had a chose the animals didnt. i couldnt make myself look upstairs. it was horrible.i actually had nightmares about that house 4 several nights afterwards, no words can truly describe how disgusting it was inside. animal feces were everywher, from the floor to the counters, even on the walls n yes the ceiling. am still seeing cats roaming around. i always leave food n water out 4 them. i 'am hoping i can rescue them before something happens to them. how can someone treat an animal like that. it breaks my heart to see n hear what people do to helpless animals.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Why? Why do these people even want pets? It's obviously not for the joy they can bring to their lives. Sadly, it sounds like they have not been punished in the way they should be. We can only hope they have not moved on and started with new animals. <br />
Good luck with catching the remaining cats.