Her Eyes

i remember when i 1st layed eyes on her. i swear i could hear her reaching out to me. i looked into those big sad brown eyes n new i had to save her. she was a german sheperad mix, we think w/ a collie. she looked just like a german sheperard , but had very short legs. she was supposedly rescyed by this woman who had over 30, yes 30 dogs already in her home.i new this woman thru a neighbor of mine. i convinced her to let me have the dog. n i took her home.well i called the vet to get her fixed, n checked out. her teeth were filled down to almost her gums , she had no fangs they had been broken, by her abusive oner, who kicked her n punched her in the face. when the vet went to fix her, he called, her stomach n all her female organs were about to burst, i was told it was from yrs of severe abuse. well she came thru the surgery fine. the dog was already about 7 r 8 when i got her. 4 the 1st few weeks i didnt even think she could bark, if i tried to give her a dog treat, she would back away from me n whimper. after alot of love, she came around. what a gentle dog she was. the day i heard her bark i actually cried, i guess she was afraid too before. my son could actually crawl on her as she layed on the floor, i never heard her growl at anyone. she slept w/ me everynight. when she became to old to get into my bed, i got her dog steps to climb into my bed safetly. we had her 4 over 5 yrs. till she passed away. i can still see her looking at me w/ those big brown eyes. how anyone could ever mistreat n animal is beyond me. even know yrs. after losing her, it still pains me greatly to write this story, i loved her n she will always be missed.

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Thank you for inspring me with this story :)<br />
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It IS sad that perfectly sweet and friendly dogs and animals alike have not been given a chance to show off these traits to loving owners. They just have to fall upon the ungrateful things that call themselves humans.