Fair Is Fair...

I believe any human being that it is cruel to an animal deserves to suffer the same cruelty!

After all, fair is fair.

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Brit247...I totally agree with you!!

Risenphoenix, I agree with you. All they want is to please and protect us and in return they simply ask for a pet or a treat, some food and water. Yet there are people that do not appreciate this and treat them like nothing/property to throw about and misuse. <br />
<br />
They have emotions and they love us unconditional.....many people could learn something from them!!

I've owned many animals in my life. Some were pets, some were working animals (K-9), and some were for food. But, never did I mistreat any of them.<br />
As far as emotions, they show every single emotion that we do and express it even better.<br />
That's just my opinion.

Funkadelic and Combacksoon, I agree 100% with both of you!!

eye for an eye <br />
is the only way

Animals should have the same rights as humans

Yes, you do have a very valid point. They have no soul or emotions and frankly, they do not deserve to be considered human beings...... in my eyes. <br />
<br />
And you are definitely right, ALL living things deserve respect, equality and love.

I feel that people who treat their pets only as ob<x>jects with cruelty are not really people. Just bodies walking without any soul, emotions, child part, etc. These empty shells usually decide their own fate at the end.<br />
<br />
All living things have a universal right to respect, equality, love, etc.