I Like Ann Coulter

She's intelligent. She's witty.  She's funny.  She tells the truth.  And most important of all, she makes the libtards wet their pants.

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4 Responses Oct 2, 2008

I've never wet my pants over this skinny creep of a person. I save that for imaginative, erotically creative people who understand the difference between reality and delusion. But I usually take my pants off first!

You're right about her being intelligent. She's a formidable person to go against because she is smart and she is witty. Her humor though matches that of a grade school. I find it interesting that she refers to every democrat who disagrees with her as being gay. The last time I saw that being used as a hard hitting insult, I was in middle school. <br />
<br />
She does speak the truth about some things, and she doesn't hold back. But so much of what she says is propaganda. She takes small truths and over exaggerates them. Like, "Barack Obama said he wants to be caleld Barack HUSSEIN Obama!" She then said that this was how he very much preferred to be called when he became president. However, the truth is, when Obama was asked if he would like to use all three names when being inaugurated he simply replied, "yes." And to my second point on this. So what? Its his name. It has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. Its his name. Should he be ashamed of the name his parents gave him?? Or should I change my name from Serena to something else because I am neither a tennis pla<x>yer nor a sailor scout?

The only way i can accept that "she's just being funny" when she says the hateful things she does is to give myself a lobotomy...she reminds me of a child who says " I was just kidding" or her all time great excuse for her hideous comments "that was three years ago" How would you like it if your son had died and someone said, " you have a bumper sticker that says "ask me about my dead son." That offends me as a parent, but you don't have to be a parent to realize how awful and heinous that is. It's called empathy, something Coulter never heard of, and you can look into it as well.<br />
And one more thing... "Libtard" is exactly the kind of cheap insult Coulter throws around , categorizing everyone who disagrees with or is different from her as stupid or deficient in some way.

As presiding officer of the Senate she would make C-SPAN worth watching. Think prime time.