... And You've Given No Thought As To Why The Majority Of The World's Population Are?!

I am an Anti-American: a moderate,  irreligious one with no plans of any kind of terror attack or homicide. I think that I am a part of the vast majority of the world population who cannot stand the collective society and its horrific and  long list of war crimes, social crimes, and evils that it has wrought on the rest of the world.

War crimes: McNamara admits, in his biography, that if he'd been caught by the Vietnamese they would have (quite rightly) tried him for war crimes. When the piles of paper appeared, his signature adorning all of them, ordering carpet bombing, napalm and many other weapons declared illegal under international law at the time of The American War of Aggression in Vietnam, 

Social crimes: In order to continue to murder millions of innocent people in SE Asia during the 60/70s, the criminal Richard Nixon declared a "war on drugs.' This saw him swept into a second term by the majority of Americans who were completely ignorant of the realities of these drugs, but believed that another war wouldn't hurt. Nixon went back in and continued to murder some 4 million in SE Asia. Four decades later, his most popular policy is still being applied. Not just in America; the US has forced its will on the world. The criminal group, the DEA, lurks in American Embassies throughout the world now, ensuring that good people's lives are destroyed ,,, because they got high!

Untold evils. I will not bother with them here.

Before 1941,  the US was isolationist; after 1945 until now, they are invasive.

I couldn't care less if you don't like me, but let me make this clear: I do not dislike you. I have quite a few American friends. It is not each and every individual  American I hate, in fact I hate none of them ... I just hate America's actions as a state since 1945.; 

Tangchao Tangchao
36-40, M
Mar 20, 2012