Why I Love My Personal Computer And Hate All Things Apple

I remember in 1979 my dad bought a little computer that would program in basic and plug into a TV for 100 bucks. It was for me the dawning of a new age. The only other computers i had seen until that time were the ones at his office and they were these huge things with giant tape drives. I still have fond memories of the TRS-80 from high school. Apple never worked for me, never. In the early 90's we had them in college labs and they would constantly crash. I love my computer not because it isn't an Apple. It is upgradeable and customizable. I took a basic 300 buck system and turned it into a system that can play Crysis 2 and COD MW3 on high settings at 60 FPS. I switched out the dual core for a quad processor. I had never done that before and it was a fun learning experience. I upgraded the ram, power supply and installed an entry level graphics card and i have a 2 TB 6gbs hard drive. This computer may seem weak and considered low standards if compared to the modern systems available is one that works good for me. It has more than enough power for my needs and fit my budget well. It runs smooth and quiet with my Windows 7 OS. I can do all manner of things with it like encode and edit video, play the games i like and it is great for multi tasking. I love my PC because it is a system built around my needs and i had the pleasure of picking out the hardware i want in it after careful consideration. Try to do this with any Apple product, where a simple ram upgrade is impossible.  All computers are personal, therefor all computers are PC's. What kills me is the Crapply fan boys who spend 3 times as much for the equivalent hardware and a shut in/closed down system where the ram is soldered to the motherboard and then go and load Windows on it and who have the audacity to believe that they are superior in some way for having drank Steve Job's Kool-Aid, which by the way is beginning to wear off, thank God. I mean what is the point in doing that? Apple computers were never safer than other computers, it is just that their market share was / has historically been so low that hackers did not waste their time to create viruses because they were concentrating their efforts on the 95% of the market that bought Microsoft based Operating Systems and computers. Just wait for a rash of viruses that will come to attack both Android and Apple based smart phones and tablets. There is a lot of money to be made for the people who want to exploit the weaknesses of these billions and billions of android and idevices and you and i know they are out there to especially to get their teeth into and take a big bite out of Apple's sanctimonious *** and the other smart phones for profit. I suggest you get Lookout if you have an Android based smart phone, cause the shitksi is gonna hit the fanski for all of us.
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Apple for me, no more pc