Not Worth It

Arguing and fighting I have realized gets me nowhere. I don't like the idea of fighting about something and its not even that big of a deal. I usually am really good with avoiding silly confrontations and will not fight about something that I do find silly. I will stand up for what I believe and if it leads to an argument then it is no longer worth my time and whoever wanted to start the fight/ argument is also not worth my time. If fighting is the only communication it is even worse because I lose more respect for the person each time they start to argue. I am not saying I am 100% innocent because I am sure some of the arguments I have been in could have been avoided by watching what I say when i say it but I will say I don't like it, its not worth it and I am trying to avoid it.
rainbowdoor rainbowdoor
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I do not blame you a bit. Tes it does not work!!! Hugs, LW