I Love A Good Argument

I have had some great arguments in my life. I've had some not so great ones as well.

So, what defines a great argument? Well, simply put: make-up sex.

Ok... it's not ONLY about sex.

So, what truly defines a great argument?

There are 2 endings to a great argument, and both are curiously similar.

Ending 1: One party convinces the other of the some kind of wrong-headed way of looking at things.

Both walk away friends, or at least cordial.

Ending 2: The argument ends with both parties agreeing to disagree.

Both walk away friends, or at least cordial.

I suppose there's also Ending 2a, where, after agreeing to disagree, the parties find a middle ground or compromise (necessary in government and contract negotiations).

Even in Ending 2a, both walk away friends, or at least cordial.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Arguing is important. It's important to let others know how we're thinking.

But fighting rarely gets us anywhere.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

i havent argued in days


2 days = days!

LMAO! :)


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