Everyday, All The Time

i swear..im in love with my girlfriend..she makes me who i am.
but we argue SSSSOOOO much over the stupidest ****..i take her pillow, i answer her in a way she doesn't like,
i say something she didn't wanna hear, i say something she didn't understand i was joking about and here we go with the arguing...
its so annoying..i want to cuddle n play n just chill..shes busy..or sleeping..or in a bad mood...so it becomes "not right now"
i get upset, and then shes upset at me for being upset. and another argument comes in the door.
Im in a bad mood. i say something i shouldn't have, i lash out for the wrong reasons, my temper gets the best of me. and yet again we argue.

im so SICK of ******* arguing. even now. shes in my room, in my bed..we have the whole night together and all day tomorrow. and we're not talking because i took a ******* pillow from her. Really though?

Like. it seems like she always on the defense, always tense, always ready to get mad at me for ANY and EVERY thing i do.
im beginning to wonder if here is really where she wants to be.
cuz if it was...i wouldnt feel like she was constantly looking for an argument.
me taking a pillow wouldnt have been an "annoyance" to her...
I wouldnt be an annoyance to her.
If she was happy I wouldnt be writing this, we would be hugged up watching tv..or talking...not tense.
but i guess getting used to it is my best bet...this an everyday, all the time type situation
HERChikken HERChikken
18-21, F
Jan 27, 2011